‘Insight with John Ferrugia’ Podcasts

Ripples of Columbine series

This three-part podcast series was produced by the “Insight with John Ferrugia” team at Rocky Mountain PBS. It examines how the attacks at Columbine High School not only changed the lives of the people who survived, but also changed school as we know it and the community where the school stands.

Ripples of Columbine: Wounded and Witnesses

Three people who saw the worst of the attacks describe how they have worked to recover and how the incident has impacted their lives in unexpected ways.

Ripples of Columbine: Survivors in the Classroom

Two Columbine survivors discuss returning to the classroom as teachers in a world where lockdowns and realistic active shooter drills have become a way of life for schools.

Ripples of Columbine: A School as a Spectacle

In the third episode, we return to Columbine High School itself. It’s still a working school and in recent months the security team has been dealing with nearly 200 would-be trespassers per month. We investigate what draws some people to the site and what pushes others away.